Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday Pictures!

 Just a few pictures from little Abbi's birthday!

Daddy holding his girl for the first sweet!

Please don't judge...someone had already put my hairbrush in the car.  :-/

Admiring our beautiful girl

I just love this picture!  She's so sweet!

Ok, the whole reason for this picture is the looks on mine and Wilson's faces.  Haha, we were so excited!!

Pretty dress!

Us with the midwife who delivered Abbi.  Her name is Ashley and she was WONDERFUL!!

Stay tuned for the actual birth story...It's coming, I promise.  But no pictures unfortunately.  Everything went so fast we actually left the camera in the car! All of these pictures are from my mom's camera!!  =)

*Update*: The birth story us up!  Start here.

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