Sunday, October 30, 2011

God is Faithful

I have a confession to make but you need a bit of background in order to understand it.  Back in March, Wilson had to take a class for the Navy and his reimbursement was delayed.  Sounds like not such a big deal until you realize that the class was in Rhode Island and we paid for 3 weeks in a hotel, meals, travel, etc without any reimbursement.  Well, this is where the confession comes in...I covered that expense by not paying our tithe for a couple of months.  Then I didn't pay it again for this trip that he's taking now.  I know, bad bad girl.  I kept track of how much I owed, though, so that when we got the cash from the Navy I could pay the "back tithe" if you will.

Well, we got the reimbursement check a few weeks ago, which ended up being nearly exactly what I owed in tithing.  I struggled with paying it, b/c doing so left us pretty deficient in our checking account.  But my husband said, "It's supposed to be the firstfruits.  Pay the whole thing and we'll just trust God."  So as I wrote the check that Sunday, the phrase came into my head, "If you are faithful to God, He'll be faithful to you," which is my (very poor) paraphrase of Psalm 18:25, "To the faithful You show Yourself faithful, to the blameless You show Yourself blameless."  So, anyway, I wrote the check, not sure how we were going to be able to cover all of the moving expenses coming our way, but trusting God to provide.

Well, through 2 VERY unexpected resources, this week God not only paid us back...

he doubled it.

Our Father covered our worries to the extent that, not only are we back on track with our budget, we have extra wiggle room for the coming months.  Praise Him for His goodness!!

"The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it." 1 Thess. 5:24

Don't you love it when God shows up??

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

19 Weeks

Wow, y'all.  So sorry it's been so long since I posted.  I was out of internet for a while, we're moving (more on that later), Wilson's been gone and home and gone again so freakin' often...yeah.  No offense but blogging wasn't on the top of the priority list.  But here we are, blogging on location from Newport, RI where I'm visiting the hubs for a week.  Woo to the hoo!!

Also, I realize that 19 weeks is a weird one to pick.  However, week 20 is going to be crazy hectic and I wanted to get this up while I had time.

Ok, so I was never super-nauseous.  It's just that my gag reflex is really sensitive and that's starting to settle down.  The only times I've actually gotten nauseous are when I break my normal breakfast routine in a big way.  Like, nothing but juice until 11:30am.  Or a greasy Egg McMuffin and too-sweet iced coffee at 6am.  Bad decisions, granted, but nothing that would've given me any trouble pre-preggo.

I really haven't gotten any weird cravings.  I mean, I really enjoy a pickle these days and I almost drove to South Carolina the other day to get me some Chik-N-Snak, but nothing too bizarre.  (Chik-N-Snak is in Graniteville for those of y'all in the area, and it's amazing.  For reals.)

Mah Girlish Figure
I'm actually starting to show!!  Just a small little bump but definitely there.  I made the switch 2 weeks ago to maternity jeans and my life is forever changed.  Why didn't anyone ever tell me these things were so freakin' comfortable?!  Please, if you haven't ever been pregnant, ignore those well-meaning folks who tell you to just unbutton your jeans.  I mean, do that if you have to as you drive to the store to buy maternity jeans.  Just do it.  You'll thank me.


Almost clear as a bell.  The other day someone asked me (over the phone) if I was glowing yet.  Um...I don't really know what that "glow" looks like, so I can't say.  Any thoughts, local friends?

Not uncomfortable yet but I can see us heading that way.  I really want to sleep on my back but it freaks me out because you're not supposed to lay flat on your back after the first trimester.  (The baby can compress the umbilical cord.)  That's gonna be a question at my next midwifery visit.  =)
Fetal Movement
It's there! Yes! Check! Positive!! Yay for feeling my little babycakes move!!  Ok, so here's the story...'long about 16 weeks I thought I felt a little something.  Like, it felt similar to bubbles popping or carbonation along the inside of my belly.  I got kinda excited but then, nothing.  For days, then a week.  So I wrote it off and moved on with my life.  But THEN last week (Oct 11 to be exact) I was laying in bed, trying to pay attention and see if I felt anything.  I thought I felt little flutters here and there, enough that I didn't think it could be anything else but not so much that I couldn't be sure it wasn't my imagination.  And then, WHACK!  A very distinct tap.  It was like the baby was going, "HEY! Quit psyching yourself out; it's really me!!"  I just grinned and glowed and called Wilson the next day to let him know.  So exciting.

Almost every day since then I've felt more and more movement.  It's to the point now that I can kinda tell the baby's sleep/wake cycle.  Pretty cool, folks.  Pretty darn cool.

The Hubster
I had to put this new category in, because Wilson really deserves his own spot.  It's killing him to be away for these big moments but he's been around for some stuff this week that I think makes him feel a little closer to the action.  Like, when he got to see me puke yesterday.  See, I have only ever thrown up when he's been gone because it throws my schedule off.  I eat differently and at strange times so it would upset my tummy.  But he had never been around when I've been sick...until yesterday.  Welcome, my love, to the joys of pregnancy!!

Also, he got to feel the baby move this weekend!!  Every time I would get 2 taps in a row I'd take his hand and put it on my belly and tell him to wait and pay attention...and baby would immediately go completely still.  For, like, 30 minutes at a time.  Grrr...c'mon, little one! (Is this a sign of what's to come??)  Well, Sunday night (10/16) I felt 3 taps right in a row in the same spot.  When I took Wilson's hand he heaved a big sigh and put down his book to pay attention.  He was telling me that he thought he felt a little fluttering or something when he suddenly gasped and his eyes got big.  He looked at me and said, "There!  That's what I expected it to feel like!"  And the baby kept on "tapping" him...Wilson caught his breath every time.  And I died.  I love this man!!

Overall State of Mind
I've officially entered that blissful state of second-trimester.  I'm feeling pregnant, have energy again, and am loving every minute of this.  This pregnancy has been wonderful so far and I'm praising God for His provision and care.  It's unbelievable how He allows us to participate in His miracles.  I'm truly in awe of this whole process.

Babycakes is 5 inches long this week and weighs 1/2 lb.
(Yes, I know babycakes is kinda a weird nickname, but "Baby Miles"sounds like a boy and The Little One is too impersonal.  We still haven't really come up with a nickname, but I'm going with this for now, mmm k?)

(Pictures to follow.  They've been taken, but the camera cord is in the truck, which is at the Navy Base while I'm at the apartment.  Yay for good planning!)

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