Monday, May 30, 2011

Picture Snafoo

Hello All,

I'm trying to put up pictures from the storm last week but I can't find the cord for the camera!  Grrr.  Working on a solution; stay tuned!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lake Trip!

Last weekend we traveled to Lincolnton, Georgia with these lovely people:

My sister Sarah and her husband, John

For those of you who may not know them, Sarah is about the size of my pinky finger, both height and width and John has chicken legs and is famous for his ability to kill conversations with amazing speed and alacrity.  Not long ago he was at work eating lunch with some female co-workers who were talking about getting a case of the "giggles" and how nothing seems to be able to make them go away.  Brilliant John piped up, "Why don't you just think about dead puppies?"

....Because that's just the kind of guy he is.

Speaking of puppies (We were talking about puppies, right?) we took ours with us to the lake house.  We've taken them before and thrown them into the water.  To teach them to swim of course.  =)  Wilma takes after her dad; she loves the water.  She just swims and jumps and swims some more.  When we toss Betty in, she floats pretty quickly =) but panics.  We have to call her to the shore just to get her to move in the right direction!  As she nears the shore, however, Wilma jumps on her and generally pesters her.  We, being the good parents we are, tell her to stop, of course.

"Bite her neck!  Bite her neck!"

Haha.  Ya know.  As soon as Betty gets out of the water, she promptly tosses herself into the nearest pile of sand and gets dry as soon as possible.  Which of course results in something like this:

Sorry for the fuzzy pic; I'm still learning how to get pictures off my phone.  What you can't really see is that Wilma is kinda clean but wet.  Betty's face is covered with sand.

Anyways, we had a quiet, relaxing weekend at my folks' lake house.  We (and I use that term loosely) tubed, wake-boarded, skiid (skied? ski-ed?), played games, cooked, and anchored out and just talked.  It was really lovely.

 Here's hoping you have a nice get-away this summer, too!

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