Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Telling the family!


Last weekend, Wilson and I went home to tell the family!!  We got everyone together at a restaurant, ostensibly to celebrate Wilson's upcoming birthday.  Once everyone arrived we handed out gifts to everyone, all wrapped the same.

And then we told everyone to open them.  One, Two, Three, Go!

Inside each gift was a pair of booties.  Oh man, you should've heard the commotion!  Wilson's mom and sister cried and hooted and hollered.  His sis hugged his neck so hard I though he was going to pass out!  My mom and dad, not quite as given to public displays of emotion, just looked at us a smiled.  I think they were more in shock than anything else!  Everyone was duly surprised and we had a really great time!

How do you feel?

The hubs is asking me this on a daily basis these days.  The weird thing is....I feel fine!  I'm 6 weeks today (!) and, knock on wood, have been doing great.  However, I'm gonna take a cue from a friend of mine who just had a beautiful baby girl and keep a running list, just for organization's sake.

None, nada, zip.  Ok, except when I stay up too late. Then I get a tad bit queasy; easily rectified by going to bed already, you idiot!

No real cravings, just an aversion to anything fried.  Seriously, anything.  Yay for helping me stay healthy!  Plus I've decided that Wendy's sour cream and chive baked potatoes are The Best Thing Ever.  True story.

I can, also, smell everything within a three block radius.  I prefer to think of this as my pregnancy super-power.  Sitting on the sofa, "Um, honey, I think the dog pooped in the back bedroom.  Also, the neighbor's gardenias are in bloom."

Mah Girlish Figure 
Y'all, my poor tummy.  I have been kinda bloated lately and yikes! It shows.  Like, whoa.  Trying to hide it so people don't just think I'm fat since we haven't told anyone yet!

*Side note: We tell the family this weekend!!  I can't even believe it. Part of me thinks it's too soon, what with the high risk of dreaded miscarriage and all that.  But seriously Wilson is about to burst!  We've just gotta let them know.  Plus my primary care doc confirmed so it's not like we're just going off a pee stick here or anything....

No pain or soreness from the "girls".  Cramping?  Eh, it's there, but nothing to write home about.  And no blood, that's the main thing.

Yikes! I look 16 again, and not in a good way. 

Overall State of Mind
Actually I'm kinda ambiguous.  I know it sounds terrible but this all happened so fast that most days I think, "Seriously? I'm gonna have a what?  A BABY??"  I think part of that is because I'm not having crazy weird symptoms and haven't been to the midwife yet (yeah...more on the midwife thing later.  Promise.).  I keep telling myself, "That weird stuff will come. Enjoy this."  And I am! Really!  I just still kinda...don't know what to think.  But also super excited!  See?...ambiguous.

And...this week my baby's heart starts beating.  Wow y'all.  Wow.

 Please ignore the blurriness of these photos, and the awkward angle.  My husband is way taller than me!

 Better profile perspective.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ok, so I know that I'm terrible at this "blogging" thing.  I just never feel like I have anything interesting to say!  HOWEVER....

I'm writing this on July 9, 2011, but I won't be posting it for a little while because it's just not time yet.  But Wilson and I found out a few days ago that.......

I'm Pregnant!

Can y'all believe it?  Seriously, Crazy Sauce!  To date I'm 5 weeks along, due somewhere around March 8.  (I haven't been to the midwife yet [more on that later] so no "actual" due date yet.  Due Date!  What?!)

We were seriously so surprised y'all.  Like, Whoa.  Basically, without getting too specific...let's just say at the first possible opportunity, whamo! Knocked up!

For those of you who know our life/Navy situation, you may be wondering, Why now?  I mean, Wilson still has almost 2 years left of sea duty before he's back on shore so this seems like terrible timing.  Actually, I couldn't agree more.  But Wilson and I had prayed about it for a while and felt like all of our reasons for waiting were silly in the sight of God's sovereignty.  I mean, if He wants us to have a baby, who do we thing we are to try and nay-say HIM??  On a more practical note, though, Wilson just got a big ol' raise (Thank you, taxpayers and standardized payroll systems!) that pretty much accounts for what I bring home (minus what we'd be saving in gas, expenses, etc. by me staying home) so we're financially able to cover this, regardless of what I decide to do with the work situation.  (And I reserve the right to make that decision when I actually HAVE A BABY IN MY ARMS thankyouverymuch.)

As for "will he be gone? home? have to leave for 6 months when the baby's 3 weeks old?", one thing I've learned is to never count on anything.  There's always a huge degree of uncertainty in the military and there's no telling where he'll be at any given moment.  But we felt very strongly that the Lord was telling us it was time to let the little control we had go.  Apparently, He felt like it was time for us to have a baby.  We certainly wouldn't have planned this for right now, but He's a whole lot smarter than we are.

In any case, though, we're THRILLED! I'm feeling pretty spunky.  A little tired but no nausea, headaches, none of those early signs of pregnancy.  It almost makes me feel like it's not real, you know?  I keep telling myself, "It'll come.  Enjoy this b/c you won't always feel awesome."  Operation Chill Out in full effect!

We can't wait for this new stage and for our lives to be completely changed by this little one!

PS: As I noted above, I wrote this post a while ago.  Don't worry; I've kept writing!  I have baby bump pics and the whole nine yards.  But I can't post 8 or so blog posts in one day.  Patience people!!

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