Friday, November 25, 2011


Today, I give thanks to the Lord my God for the blessings He has bestowed upon me.

For my husband, who loves, guides, and protects me daily.  He is strong where I am weak and holds me up when I fail.  What a man, to honor God and seek His will, love and strengthen his family, and point us to the Lord.  He is already a wonderful father; I can't wait to walk down the rest of life's path with him.

For my parents.  Their commitment to one another has spanned a quarter-century! What a privilege to have such an example to follow.  They have loved me unconditionally through thick and thin and they are always a source of guidance for life's troubles.  I praise God for their presence in my life.

For my parents-in-law.  They have welcomed me into their home and family as another of their children, rejoicing in my joys and sharing in my sorrows.  I could not have asked for a home so gracious and loving.  They are truly a blessing from the Lord upon my life.

For my siblings and sister-in-law.  From the little things like shopping for Christmas and birthday presents together to bigger things like sharing in the loss of loved ones, these are the people I share life with.  I love that I have other Godly women in my life, going through many of the same struggles I face at the same time, and for a brother who is growing and being transformed from a little boy into a man of God.

For this little one.  The blessing of a fruitful womb is from the Lord (Ps. 127:3) so I return thanks to Him.  I praise You, Lord, for the miracle of a baby, for Your perfect timing, and for Your provision to me.  You knew the physical hardships I'd face, moving without my husband while pregnant, and You blessed in amazing ways.  Just like the Israelites in the desert, my feet have not swollen and my strength has remained steady.  I have been healthy, energetic, without nausea, heartburn, or (much) achiness.  You have given sleep to my eyes and rest to my bones and I praise You.  I pray for this child that Your salvation would come to him or her, that You will form each organ into Your perfect design, that You will watch over each moment of this little life.  I ask for Your guidance for us as parents, for Your wisdom in discipline and instruction, for Your peace as we make this life-altering transition.  Bless our marriage.  I praise You for the man You have given me to walk with through this life; You truly designed him for me.  I pray that You will raise up our child to a life of wisdom, faithfulness, mercy, justice, and love.  And I thank You again for allowing us to participate in this miracle called life.

For my extended family, my friends, my overwhelming physical blessings (ie roof over my head, warm place to sleep, etc.), my health....there is too much to list here.  I am so incredibly blessed and take so much for granted.

For the many blessings to come.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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