Wednesday, February 22, 2012

37 Weeks!

Hello, crazy lack of updates!  Let me explain...No there is too much.  Let me sum up.

*Quick! Name that movie!*

1. We moved to Jacksonville, FL right before Christmas.  Well, I moved.  Wilson was in Rhode Island.  Moving 4 states away by yourself 8 months pregnant=Crazy fun, Navy-style.

2. I've met most of the officer's wives on Wilson's new ship.  Yay!  All of them are married to people who outrank my hubby and are therefore basically off-limits for hanging out.  Boo.

3. We're preparing for the hubs to go on deployment in April.  Fruit is in the dehydrator and beef is marinating for jerky as we speak!

4. I had a baby shower!  We had great fun and I was blessed with some amazing homemade gifts from some wonderful friends!

5. Speaking of baby, let's resume the old categories, with a few new additions mayhaps?

Slight nausea at random times.  The midwife was bewildered.  Basically, I just have to keep a little food in the tummy and we're good.  Still no cravings.  Wilson asked me this weekend when that will happen.  Haha, dude, it would've already happened!  I think he's a little bummed that he doesn't have any "I need pickles and a blue snow cone RIGHT NOW!!!" stories to tell.  So sorry, my dear.

Mah Girlish Figure
Hah!  Wilson keeps telling me that I just look like I can't get comfortable.  And he's right.  I'll be comfy for, like 10 minutes and then I need to shift.  This belly is starting to get...annoying.  We went home for a visit last weekend.  Much more feasible now that we're only 5 hours away but it was still not super fun.
Also...the baby dropped!  My mother-in-law noticed it one evening when she was visiting; she said my stomach looked lower and when I sat in bed that night I realized that I could take a deep breath!  Yay!!  Basically, this means the baby's head has dropped into my pelvis.  They say now the baby is "engaged in the pelvis".  Sweet, huh?  Yay for progress!
Braxton-Hicks, baby!  These "practice contractions" are happening almost daily now and I may-or-may-not-have had 3 little contractions in a row last Friday that then decided to stop.  I'm getting ready for the big day!
Clear and glowing!
Pretty good most nights, actually.  I'm surprised; I expected to be up all night getting kicked and having to pee by now.  I'm only having to get up once at night and occasionally sleep through without having to pee.  Once I get settled I pretty much stay put so that's good!
Fetal Movement
My tummy is lopsided a lot of the time and it's really fun to be able to feel the side of my stomach and feel the baby's foot.  So fun!!
The Hubster ready to meet his kid.  Last night he leaned in and talked to my belly and told the baby (s)he needed to get here already.
Overall State of Mind
Excited!  A little bit nervous about labor and the big impending life change...but mostly excited!

Did I miss anything?  Probably, but this is a good "sum up"!

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