Friday, February 8, 2013

The Big 2-6.

This week I turned 26!! The hubs took a few days off and we spent some nice quality time together walking the beach, cooking together...we even took a day trip to the Kennedy Space Center!

One of the things I LOVE about living in FL...all of these awesome places are day trips!!
We had a good time, but I gotta wasn't great. I've been to NASA before; my family went when I was younger and I remembered it being really cool. You get to go out on this bus ride and see the building where they assembled the Saturn V rockets that took the Apollo missions to the moon as well as the Space Shuttles that have just recently been retired.  Then you get to go actually see a Saturn V rocket laid out showing all the different segments that break off.  Annnd....that's about it.  The whole center is about going to the moon.  And yes! It's really freakin' cool that we sent the first people to the moon and one of our astronauts still holds the record for being on the surface of the moon the longest (75 hrs...what?!) but y'all...that was almost 45 years ago!  We've done some pretty amazing things since then.  Granted, they're working on an exhibit for the space shuttle Atlantis so that should be pretty cool.  But really.  Can we talk about all the rovers we've sent to Mars or the International Space Station maybe?  I dunno...It was fun but there was some room for improvement.  DH and I agreed that we could make that place awesome if they'd put us in charge.  =)

The actual control room where they sent off Apollo 11, the one that took Neil Armstrong to the moon.

Still, my birthday was pretty great. Take-out sushi, brownies and ice cream (I'm not a huge cake lover), and the Avengers movie certainly made up for the disappointment at Cape Canaveral. 

DH inside the Gemini shuttle/pod thingy.

And my favorite picture of my favorite future astronaut!

Happy birthday to me!!

Oh! PS...the hubs got me a pretty awesome present!!

Soda Maker Machine - SodaStream
So excited y'all.  Like, whoa.

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